AEO France


We are proud to announce that after having been awarded the AEO certification in Belgium, we have been granted the AEO certification in France as from December 6th, 2012. Likewise in Belgium we achieved the AEO certificate (type F) for Customs Simplifications & Security and Safety.

AEO is the European answer to the American CTPAT (Customs - Trade Partnership Against Terrorism), which came into being after the events of 9/11.  From then onwards the United States made every effort to subject their goods flow - and in particular their import -  to a thorough screening.  The business world and the customs authorities joined forces in order to take firm action, to anticipate and to draw up a complete modus operandi. In the meantime AEO and CTPAT are mutually acknowledged.

Being granted the status of Authorised  Economic Operator means that the local customs authorities consider us to be a reliable partner; we’re now part of the ‘green lane’ in the international supply chain.