Heavy transport from Antwerp to Germany


Two heavy metal parts of almost 90Mt each arrived in Antwerp with MV Sudkap on Saturday December 08, 2012. The cargo was unloaded from the vessel at berth 345 and immediately put on metal stands to avoid a second handling by a crane.

The shipment was coming from Turkey where the office of Herfurth Lojistik Istanbul  coordinated the transport with the shipper.
Herfurth Logistics is an AEO-certified customs broker, so customs clearance could be done through our own services.
Due to the weight and dimensions (7,5x4,7x2,2m and 7,5x4,7x2,9m)  of the cargo the necessary road transport licenses to cross part of Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany had to be applied for  several weeks in advance. This asked for a good information flow between the offices in Istanbul and Antwerp. 

Both pieces – parts of a metal press – were picked up from the quay on Monday December 10, 2012.  Because the cargo was on metal stands at about 1m above the level of the quay, the trucks were able to drive with their lowbed trailer under the parts and lift them by putting the hydraulic system of their trailer on the highest level. Due to road regulations, the trucks had to manoeuver exactly in the middle of the cargo for optimal weight balance. Each piece was thoroughly secured by chains before departure.

Both trucks arrived at the factory in Aachen on Tuesday December 11, 2012 at 04h00 and were discharged that same day.

Another job well done by the joined forces of our teams at Herfurth Logistics Antwerp and Herfurth Lojistik Istanbul !