Shipment of artwork for the Triennale Brugge 2015


Herfurth Logistics is proud to have been selected as exclusive partner for Brugge Plus which is affiliated to the City Council of Bruges and organises cultural events for the city of Bruges.    Due to this nomination Herfurth Logistics has recently organised the entire logistics - from packing, clearing, collecting and shipping - from "door artist" upto delivery in the historic town centre of Bruges of 2 pieces of art which were procured by Brugge Plus for the TriĆ«nnale Brugge 2015 event (   The shipment  from artist Dong Song, Beijing was organised by ocean (1x40ft dv) while the artwork from Studio Mumbai was airlifted.    Both shipments met the deadline to set up the artworks on time before the inauguration of the event on May 20.    

Special thanks to our VIP agents in China and India who did a wonderful job.