Herfurth Logistics has the solutions to make your company Brexit-proof!


Herfurth Logistics on the U.K. roads before the Brexit :


From February 12th till 15th, representatives of Herfurth Logistics will be touring from Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham to London (*)


They will update logistics partners and customers on the comprehensive solutions Herfurth can offer on the Continent after the (hard) Brexit.


Besides renowned capabilities in performing customs formalities, even when related in as complicated matters such as foodstuffs, (alcoholic) beverages or live animals, we offer extended warehousing solutions, such as, but not limited to :

  • re-packing
  • re-labelling
  • temporary storage
  • order picking & packaging
  • e-fulfilment for webshops
  • small assembly
  • European & worldwide parcel shipping management


Our dedicated Brexit consultants can be joined at herfurth.brexit@sdsbo.com.  These specialists will assist you with the most economical solutions in terms of VAT optimisation, Excise management, Fiscal representation, Temporary Storage, Customs Clearance and more Value Added Logistics Solutions included in our Intelligent Cargo Care Program.


(*) We will also join the Port of Antwerp Roadshow in Birmingham (Feb 13th) and London (Feb 14th)


Click here to download our Brexit flyer.